Sunday, 3 December 2017

How To Fix The Video Playback Issues Of HBO GO Channel On Roku Media Player?

HBO streaming service is a part of Roku network through which you can enjoy high-quality contents on the big screen. Here, Roku streaming player will act as an interfacing device between the HBO Go activate and your smart TV. Here, we want to mention that you need a high-speed internet connection for playing the contents through HBO channel.

While accessing the videos through HBO GO Activate Device, if you are facing any problem, then we are going to explain the tact’s and tips today. You will be able to get rid of this serious problem after performing the steps. We want to clear one more thing here that the main feature of this channel is that the video quality will automatically change with the available bandwidth of internet connection.

It means that if the connection is slow, then the quality will automatically get downgraded and if it is high, then it will start playing the contents at high quality. You don’t need to get it changed through  link. The only condition which you need to satisfy is the activation of the channel. HBO go channel must be activated on the device before streaming through it. Go to ‘HBOactivate’ link for the activation process.

Now, we are going to shed some light on the ways through which you can improve the quality of videos on HBO Go channel. You must try the steps which are published in this guide.

·         Analyze the internet speed: The first and the foremost step to improve the video quality is analyzing the internet speed. If you find that the speed is not proper, then call your internet service provider or check the network settings on your device. To find the speed through the online link, you can go to ‘Speed test’ page. The minimum speed requirement for playback of high-quality videos is 3 Mbps. If you are getting the problem with your HBO channel only, then you can stay in touch with our team by calling at number.

·         Restart all the devices: The process to restart all the devices is mentioned here as under:

1.       Unplug the Roku player by disconnecting it from the power supply.
2.       Unplug all the network devices.
3.       Connect the modem now into the power supply then connect the router.
4.       Plug the Roku back into the supply and turn it on.
5.       Sign in to ‘HBO Go’ and start watching the videos flawlessly.

·         Try the following tips: Apart from the aforementioned steps, you can follow the tips which we are going to discuss now. These tips will definitely improve the streaming experience. Uninstall the HBO app from the Roku channel feed and install it again from the scratch. Pay the fees for subscription and activate the channel online by visiting the online support help link. If you find a problem in activating the channel, then you can take help from HBO go help link. Another point to mention here is that before installing the channel on the Roku channel, you must check whether the app supports the Roku player model or not. If it doesn’t support the particular model, then you may experience the playback issue.

·         Select Ethernet connection: If you are using a wireless network and the speed limitation is a concern, then the best thing you can try is the Ethernet connection. Connect your Roku to the internet through Cable. You will find the Ethernet port on the back of your Roku device. 

The setting which is recommended for Ethernet connection are discussed below:
1.       Open ‘Settings’ on the Roku home screen.
2.       Click on ‘Wired’ network when asked for the type of network.

3.       Click to connect to the Ethernet cable network.

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